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Love, like life flows through the heart. Feel the thrill of the flow and say nothing. Rumi💝

Happy Valentines Day from me to you! 💖

Love is such an important quality to harness. Love truthfully is the only vibration that really exists. We have forgotten how to live in love. We have been taught to fear life, making it the only thing we’ve known for so long that it becomes difficult for some to let go of that vibration and remember the truth of who you really are, a being of love and light. Even Robert Browning knew how important it was to our planet by saying, “Take away love and our earth is a tomb.” Love is the wellspring of life. Love fuels us from within and without. It is through love that we express our gratitude towards others and the Universe around us. It is with an open heart that we will save our planet and our souls. Open your heart to love even if you don’t know how. It’s in working through that vulnerability that you will begin to feel alive again. Tell someone today, that you love them, even if it’s just you looking at yourself in the mirror.

I want to share with you the Rumi card I pulled this morning for this day full of LOVE:Do you yearn to find your way? To fulfill your divine destiny? To know the purpose for your presence within the sacred body of the Earth Mother? Your heart is questioning for deeper meaning. It desires certainty as to your sacred tasks for this lifetime. Your heart wants to know why you were born; for what purpose? You must know that the answer to these questions is love! I bring you your answer, straight from the heart of the universe. Be wild within your passion. Do that which stirs your soul, even when it makes you uncomfortable. Especially then! For what is being truly alive if not a decision to be open instead of resistant, to be wild rather than comfortable, so that at any moment we will be ready for the invitation of the divine beloved to come closer. I call to you now, the you that is beyond your mind, that you that the heart knows, the you that cannot deny life. To that you, I ask this question: what stirs the passions of your nature? Do that. Be that. (Anna Fairchild)As we grow on the spiritual path, so to does our ability to serve life, to serve love, to honor humanity and to offer a contribution that is unique to us, that could only flow in this particular way to the quality of our own soul light. Every light holds its own beauty, and every light has a particular task to fulfill on the divine path of life. To help us remember this – lest we get to easily distracted by the pain and stress that happens in life – we were given an inbuilt reminder. That reminder is our passion. We may think that passion is not particularly practical. We may feel fearful that with passion there are no guarantees of success, or that we may even be throwing away a stable and secure life to pursue our passion. These are the fears of many a modern society, yet they are so missed placed. Life supports all beings based on their true nature. The birds are given air in which to fly and fish are given water in which to swim. Plants are given light of the open plains, or darkness of the damp rain forest, depending on the needs for growth. Different flowers flourish in different environments. Bees have wings that are very small but powerful enough to move with such speed and rotation that they’re heavy bodies can fly. Each aspect of creation is given what it requires so it may become what it is meant to be, for its unique destiny to be fulfilled. So it is with humanity. Each one of us has something in our hearts that means something to us. It is irrelevant whether it seems practical or a recipe for success or not. We are simply meant to be what we are, to serve life faithfully from a place of honoring the truth of our nature – that which we genuinely feel passionate about – and to allow for life to naturally support growth according to our genuine nature. Where we get into difficulty is not in bringing our genuine passion for life – for life supports this – but in learning to let go of attachment as to how that happens. We can struggle to free ourselves of the expectation we have to be something we are not. The divine path of love asks us to become conscious of, and then unlearn, the play – acting of attempting to be a false self so that we may learn to simply love and except our real selves. We may even have a struggle on our hands to remember who our real self actually is for a time. Fortunately, there is pleasure in the journey returning to passion that can make the process of self – discovery a sweet one. But we must be brave, even in the sweetness of that journey back to the real self. We must dare to believe that we are not broken, that we are not inadequate or better off to be like some other person, or some other person’s view of how they think we should be! We must be brave enough to believe in the layers of guilt and shame. We must be bold enough not to fear our passion. As we dive deep within and explore what really makes us tick, what makes us feel alive, we must be open, curious and non-– judgmental. That may be a subtle journey at first; we may feel as though we are looking in the dark, wondering if we will ever catch a glimpse of the light of passionate meaning we hope to find. That passionate purpose must first be barely recognizable amongst all the ‘should’, ‘cannot’ or ‘must do’ of our lives. As we stay true to the path, however, that light will become unmistakably clear. Our passion will reveal itself to us as essential as our breath! We would feel as though we were not alive without it. How could we have missed it all those years, perhaps all those lifetimes? It will seem so obvious then, burning so clear in our hearts that it cannot be more obvious, that we simply must live this desire, this passion, this purpose, or else spiritually perish into a shriveled up shell of a person, denying of life itself! No! That shall not be! Passion must and shall prevail. (Anna Fairchild)This Oracle comes to you with guidance. You are being initiated more deeply into your life purpose. Your passion will reveal itself to you with more depth, nuance and beauty than ever before. If parts of your life are disassembling, or do not seem to be working out as you had planned, these are symptoms of this passionate revelation. Be curious and open to what presents itself in the wake of the falling away. Be ready for the journey within now. You are strong enough to leave behind the need for external validation whilst you learn to validate yourself. In time – soon enough in fact – you will reveal your innermost beauty and be witnessed and received, acknowledged for innate value, purpose and divinity. But for now, sweet beloved, dive deep, be defiant and determined to honor your heart so your deep passion may be witnessed by you and eventually, naturally, make its way into secret expression in the world. If you have recently discovered a new talent or purpose, or have been dreaming some big dreams, this Oracle comes to you with guidance and confirmation. You are excited! Follow that excitement. Let it lead you into your own heart truth and onto an even more passionate path of purposeful living. (Anna Fairchild)


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