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Detachment in life, is bliss✨




Be 100% present and attentive.

Speak your truth or maintain a dignified silence.

Keep the focus on what’s really important and what really matters.

Let go of any attachment to outcome.




Attachments create suffering. When you attach to a certain thought, or action you cling to a specific outcome and when that outcome doesn’t follow trough, you suffer. Without attachment, you are free to experience whatever may come up. You then don’t suffer if things don’t turn out the way you expected them too. When there is no attachment and things work harmoniously, you are able to enjoy the present moment for the joy of bliss will fill your heart up and you will have no choice but to feel it. It’s time to let go of needing to know how everything will turn out. It’s time to start trusting your inhibitions and trusting that your spirit has got your back. You are your own creator, and when you know yourself, you will know this to be true. Spending time in nature is always a reminder of how to live an unattached life. The ocean always reminds me of how little I need and how to just let go. I might have plans to go surf 🏄‍♀️ and when I get there the conditions may be much different than what I expected. I learned how to go with the flow. Being flexible, adaptable and fluid. When you fall into that flow, and you allow each moment to unravel as it will without attachment of how the circumstances will fall into place. You learn to trust yourself, you learn to trust your Universe. Sometimes even my flows wouldn’t turn out the way I “imagined” and it would leave me feeling upset, that’s how I learned it’s best not to have anything in mind and to just create from the heart ♥️

This video is raw and uncut, from the heart as I flow with the essence of the ocean in my movement. Music 🎶 from the heart, a raw and uncut version of “I Shot The Sheriff” by me and the boyeez.

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