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What an auspicious day 🙏🏼 First Day of the Saraswathi Jois U.S. Tour.

I was over-joyed with emotions and started crying as soon as Saraswathi walked through the door. Her essence is so captivating and her beauty shines from within ✨ I could barley get through the opening Mantra because the tears just kept falling down my face. I quickly wiped my tears with my hands and stood in samasthiti (straight line) waiting for the first vinyasa count. I still couldn’t contain myself hearing her count in Sanskrit worked up even more emotions. I began to feel as if I had been a student of hers in a previous life and I was waiting for eons to re-unite with her. She announced that today was the anniversary of the day her father,

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, passed over. I of course didn’t hear this b/c I was too busy sobbing 😭 To know that on this day she chose to be with us, following the lineage of her father, and teaching a yoga class absolutely warms my heart and soul ✨🙏🏼✨ After a few sun salutations, I was in the zone and I felt like we were all of a sudden done and sitting in padmasana (lotus pose) chanting. Halfway through the mantras, my legs started to get numb. I undid them for a moment and then put them back in lotus real quick in hopes she didn’t notice because she is very particular in how she wants us to end. Those last few chants really got my heart and emotions flowing again and I started to tear up.

In India, it is considered a great sign of respect to touch the feet of a guru. After class, we all got an opportunity to touch her feet in gratitude. It was an absolute honor to sit next to her and get a picture. I am ready to get to bed and see what tomorrow has to hold. 😴

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