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Embrace Mother Goddess Anahata Kali for she is here to bring liberation and transform your wounded heart.

Something has kept you stuck in the past, bringing you much anxiety, fear and sleepless nights. If you have had your heart broken by someone or if life has left you heart broken, this can cause you to shut your heart down in order to protect yourself from getting hurt again. Lessons such as loss and betrayal can manifest in your life to empower you to learn how to grow stronger boundaries. Through forgiveness and compassion you expand your heart in order to be able to receive more unconditional love for self and others. Through processing grief, anger and rejection, you can let go of any guilt or shame that may be associated with those memories. The problem with not facing these feelings when they arise is that when we shut our hearts off to receiving love, we also shut ourselves off to receiving Spirit. With this seeming separation, the heart then becomes hard like ice. The heart needs warmth, the warmth that comes from keeping your heart open to the possibilities love has to offer. Love has unconquerable power. Allow Anahata Kali to heal your heart, she wants to connect you to the profound joy that lives within. As you start to trust yourself again and begin to set clear and strong boundaries, you will heal even the longest standing karmic scars. You can return to love again. You can believe in the power of love. You will no longer be driven by fear and plagued with anxiety because you will know that you deserve love because YOU ARE LOVE.

Realize how far you’ve come and how powerful you truly are. There is a deep transformation of the heart happening right now that is leading you towards emotional freedom. There is a breakthrough about to happen. Pay attention to the ah-ha moments and the red flags. Truths are being revealed to you now. The shattering of structures, beliefs and ideals gives way for the heart to break free and open up to a deeper expression of love. The walls you have built around your heart are breaking down and you are ready to soar in love and in life. There is a light within you that guides you, remain hopeful. Your dreams are coming to reality. Your prayers are being heard. Your wishes are being granted. Something that you have invested time and hard work into that may have seemed like it was not baring any fruit or like there was unrequited feelings is being worked on by the Holy Spirit. Spirit is sending you information in your dreams, so keep a journal by your bedside and write down anything you remember when you wake up. Even songs that may be in your head first thing in the morning may carry messages from Spirit for you. There is a need to go within and reflect on the inner knowledge that is your birthright. Your heart knows what it desires, its time to put logic aside, and follow the yearnings of your heart. The stars are aligning perfectly if you can only open your heart ears and listen. Listen to your intuition, Spirit will guide you on your next move. Until then, go within and connect to your heart song. Share it with the world, and the right situations and people will find their way to you.

Beloved J

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