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It takes strength to sacrifice that which is most precious to you. To sacrifice means to “make sacred.” The sacrifice is an offering from your heart, crafted by the hands of love for our Creator to feast upon. In the Bible they speak of blood sacrifice, however in middle America, the Lord of Dawn, Quetzalcoatl, taught that spirit prefers our songs and prayers to the blood of humans or animals. What makes your heart sing? Spirit wants your soul songs, your creations!

Quetzalcoatl, The Lord of Dawn

Pay attention! There is a message for you…

In order to receive, you must first release.

Spirit is asking you to to make the ultimate sacrifice. That thing that you can’t live without, that person that you love so much you can’t let go of, that dream you’ve been claiming will make you happy, that addiction that you’ve been saying you want to give up… it’s time to offer it up to the Creator once and for all. Your offering will be sanctified and returned tenfold! There must be trust in this surrender because it may bring up illusions of fear, even self-deception. Are you creating castles in the sky? Or are you telling yourself that you can’t have/do something you want before you even started? You are being asked to look at yourself. Not your neighbor, not anyone or anything else, but you. What belief are you holding onto so tightly that it has made you stuck? Feel the fear of making that offer and do it anyways. This may make you feel vulnerable, but this is a good sign. There is no need to hide or run from this, for there is incredible strength in facing vulnerability. Although you may have to face your deepest fears, it can often be the bravest course of action. When we stand in our authenticity, even if it makes us vulnerable or our voice shake, we are claiming our power and allow others to feel comfortable to also do the same.

There is immense growth in the vulnerability of showing our true selves to the world.

Are you needing to admit to yourself or to others that you are wrong or admit that you don’t have the solution when you’re expected too? By being authentic in your expression, and asking for support rather than playing the martyr or feeling resentful, shows strength and wisdom, not weakness. Dare to be brave by using gentle persuasion instead brutal force. Find your inner strength and utilize your best instincts. Let go of shame, pride, grudges or embarrassment, these are just illusions created by the fragmented mind of ego. Your heart is the only worthy offering you can bring. Once you make this offer to spirit, there will be a cause for celebration 🎉 This can mean celebrating with friends, going to social events, or maybe even dating 😉 ooo-la-la. Good luck comes as a reward for the courage it took to make the sacrifice. The fruits of love are ready to be celebrated with a positive outcome! 🥳

Messages from Spirit: Super Attractor & Divine Feather Messenger cards.

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For those of you in separation with a twin flame or soulmate here are some messages from their heart to yours … the song spirit chose was “Head over Heels” by Tears for Fears. Enjoy 🙏🏼

What they are feeling but maybe cannot say.

Beloved J

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