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We all have the ability to be direct channels of the Holy Spirit and see beyond our current circumstances. Spirit is asking you to open up to love in order to open your channels to receive intuitive information about what may be occurring in your life now and what’s about to unfold. When you are being faced with life challenges, do you turn to fear or love? Look back to where your state of mind was at the moment of decision that led you to where you are today. Were you in fear or love? It is time to shift the patterns of your mind if you are coming from a place of fear… DELETE FEAR and UPLOAD LOVE!

State out loud or internally… I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO FEAR, I EMBRACE LOVE!

A change is needed in the way you think and it all starts with your beliefs. Do you believe in FEAR or do you believe in LOVE? As long as you are living in fear, you cannot allow the frequency of love to enter your life. Remember…



It’s time to retreat into yourself and connect with your untapped source of love. Detach from your earthly worries and let God guide and support you. Your inner wisdom is ready to show you the way towards happiness and joy. There is an opportunity for a loving connection of a deep soul bond or past life love, but there needs to be complete transparency. Your angels and the Holy Spirit are bringing this connection together, but there is a need for self love first. See beyond the current situation with your spiritual eyes. Set aside the mind games and the doubts, they are no longer serving you. It is time to rise up in order to see the way forward. Instead of seeing yourself as stuck or lost, see yourself in an energetic holding space. Spirit is carving out a path that is more favorable for you at this time, trust it. Angels of light are upgrading your frequency so that you can experience more love in your life. You are being guided towards a more enlightening and uplifting connection, that is emotionally and physically stable. Stay calm and hang on tight while Spirit catapults you forward towards a new love or reconciles a past love! You will not have to question this love, you will know exactly where you stand.

***One thing I will say, if you are holding onto someone who is unavailable ,what does that say about you? Same goes for those who are in a relationship but your eyes or heart is elsewhere. What do you need to give to yourself that this person clearly cannot? We know better now, we are enlightened beings, as long as you continue to hurt others you are only hurting yourself. Itโ€™s time to grow up! What are you waiting for?!

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Beloved J

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