Tarot/Oracle, Twin Flames


You are approaching the gates of Justice. Truth, integrity and karmic retribution are found just beyond the gates, as well as balance, equity, and fair compensation. This is something you have been working diligently towards for a while now. You may have even gotten to the point of giving up on something, someone or some belief that was unfulfilling. The universe is working on karmic alterations behind the scenes. Know that what you want is on its way towards you. Spirit is in the process of conjuring up all your dreams and wishes.

You may be asking yourself if you are doing the “right” thing, or if you feel proud of your actions, if you have been honest and fair, if you walk with integrity, or if you have acted in alignment with your heart and values. You must be ready to take full responsibility of your life, whatever your circumstances. This is the great awakening, the laws of cause and affect. What you reap, you sew. Your passed actions have brought you to this very moment. For most, you will be reaping the rewards of your hard effort. Whatever you have intended on growing, is now finally coming to fruition.

For those of you on the other end, you have the power to change your life. Face your fears and align with the light! You are always connected to a higher power. If you do not feel powerful, get in touch with a spiritual leader, figure, or teacher that can help you on your journey towards self-discovery. There is a need to see what aspect of your life has led you to where you are today. You may have come across setbacks, blocks and detours, but these are experiences that have led you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your spirit. Know that you are being guided by your ancestors to direct your thoughts and energies towards what you want to grow, heal and expand — and then watch as it magically happens before your eyes.

Your body of experience will be necessary to live the life of your dreams. Your consistency and your patience matter. Your efforts, your mastery, and your hard work matter. Every time you seek to improve your creation, it matters. Continue to build and expand. Your prosperity comes from knowing your worth. The way to infinite security and success, is by realizing your own internal light. Dance and rejoice in this type of success. Know who you are, let your true essence emerge and the world will match you. Find contentment and radiate with purpose. When you walk in the world as your authentic truth, doing things your way and with heart, it will help you to create a pipeline of material magic and success.

Show up everyday with vitality, presence, joy and so much love!

All that's left are choices 
And yet all I do is sway 
When right and wrong are voices 
Then the caused effect I pay. 

Inconsequential deviation  
And from black and white I stray 
When my passion clearly pushes back 
And walks me toward the gray.

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Beloved J

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