My journey to becoming a potter has been quite interesting. Check out my blog on why I felt called to this ancient calling https://wordpress.com/post/jessicarovira.com/1596

My first piece…

… the one I dreamt about, came out exactly how I envisioned it. This piece transports me back to prehistoric Egypt and feels like a piece that connects me back to a lifetime as the Egyptian Goddess Wadjet or the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. I love the roughness of it and how it looks with its imperfections. It is very rustic and raw and it makes me feel like I’ve had if for ages.

My next piece was a funky little piece that just kind of came about. I was feeling very inspired by the naked female body and I wanted to create an open container like vase of the torso of a woman. It ended up that the bottom half looks like the face of a pussy cat. 😻 Meow! And of course I had to give her wings 🦋 This little succulent added to the vase just adds the finishing touch 😉