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Another One Bites The Dust

Friday, day of Venus, the Goddess of Love. This is a day in which we celebrate love in all its forms, self, familial, platonic, romantic, even pet love. It also happens to be the celebratory closing out of the year 2021. I don’t know about you, but this year just seems different. It seems lately the days just blur one into the other. No definite distinction between yesterday and today. Spirit is the one thing that remains the same.

God is the only constant in life.

I have not spoken about my belief in God and the Holy Spirit as much as I have in the year 2021. I have always believed in a higher power, but before now it was really hard for me to speak about my belief in God. There was a fear of judgment there. Now that I have learned to see in the eyes of God, I see that my God does not judge. My God only knows perfect love. Which is what He created when we (His children) were born unto this Earth. We are here to remember, remember who we are as the sons and daughters of God. He does not know forgiveness because he never condemned us. He never kicked us out of the Garden of Eden or “Heaven.” The Garden of Eden lives and breathes within our hearts. Yeshua (Jesus) never died for our sins. We no longer have to hold onto the weight of that guilt.

We are born into sovereignty, but yes, there are darker energies that exist (also known as reptilians in the shaman world) that try to keep us from that truth. Why?… because as Gaia is shifting, the astral realms are also purifying. These are the subtle realms between the physical world and the heavenly realms. In the astral realm there are many entities, energies and thought forms that have been lingering for a very long time. They do not have the same mission, their mission is to stop the light because these darker energies (DFEs) are bound to Earth. They are not sons and daughters of God, they are not sovereign beings, so they cannot go to The Garden of Eden. They do not have the Light of the Holy Spirit within them, so they need to use you like a battery, and they hook into you when your vibration is low. They implant themselves into your chakra systems to create blockages and disorder. Disassociation is their goal. Once you believe you are separate from God, they are in control. As long as you are enslaved to them , you will never be in touch with your true power, your true essence, the Atman (your true self).

I have posted a podcast episode that goes deeper into the illusions of the mind and the Atman, our true Self… you can find it on YouTube, Spotify or Anchor under Beloved J: Awaken the Divine Within: Episode 2/ Maya: Illusion is Everywhere. https://anchor.fm/jessica-rovira/episodes/Maya-Illusion-is-everywhere-e1caqd4



These DFEs hook themselves through emotions and confusion. They love to confuse you and cause interference. They try to keep you from being in your power, because as long as you do not claim your power, they can. It’s time to claim your power now as a sovereign being. Claim your truth, that you are a child of God, and His Kingdom lives with in you. Claim your gifts, your talents and skills NOW! Demand that anything that is NOT SOVEREIGN or OF THE LIGHT MUST LEAVE your vessel and your home NOW! Protect your heart and home with SEVEN GOLDEN BARS so that the light will blind any DFEs and protect you. You can assist in this purification by calling in the Pleiadians and the Archangels, to guide these life-forms home, to the light. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you with the violet flame. Ask Archangel Metatron to use the power of the Merkaba to clear and energize your chakras and to remove any implants or blockages. Ask Archangel Raphael to fill your heart up with the green ray. Ask your brother Yeshua (Jesus) to help carry the load of your pain and suffering.

Sometimes you might come to a place, for example an old attic, where there is much lingering energies. In these kinds of situations and places, call in your light family and call on your own abilities to bring everything home. Allow your guides to take you to the place where your higher self guides you.

As I was writing this, a song came on that synched up perfectly to my thoughts and words and I would like to share the lyrical part of the song when I noticed the synchronization and I will link the song below as well.

Fear and depression
Shame and confusion
You have to bow
You have to bow
All lesser things 
That demand my attention
You have to bow 
Oh you have to bow


How perfectly synched was that message?!

The call for God is the call to the unlimited.

AICM Chp.5/II/12:5

Child of God, my message is for you, to hear and give away as you answer the Holy Spirit within you.”

ACIM Chp.5/II/12:6

Whether you would like to believe it or not, before we were born we co-created with God our conditions of the life we are living right now. We live in a world of free will, it may not seem like that either, but we do. These moments become our destiny only when we say “yes.” We have two paths in life, the fated life of ego that we were born into, or the destined life that our soul co-created with God. It takes courage and faith to choose the path of destiny. You are being faced with that choice now… to either follow your destined life or your fated life. Trust the path your soul chose for you and that is calling you to remember that it was prearranged BY YOU on your life’s timeline.

Its time to make a decision, you can keep walking the perfectly laid out life you were born into, or choose the one less traveled. This could be a career change, a new relationship, a new difficult decision, a big move or something else that requires courage and faith. You are being called to remember your souls plan and surrender to it. I know it can be scary to go down the unbeaten path, the hidden path that’s undefined. You will face doubt, which is actually a sign that you’re facing your souls greater plan. Every hero on their journey comes eye to eye with doubt. Sometimes God puts obstacles in front of us to see how bad we want it. The only way around it, is through it! What are you being called to do to surrender to your souls plan?

A nice simple ritual for tonight is to light a white candle and set your intentions and wishes for the new year down on a piece of paper with pencil and put it underneath the candle. Light it right at the new year and let it burn uninterrupted all the way through. If you have to put it out, snuff it out, never blow it out. 📝🕯✨

Mantras for today:

The more I attune my energy with appreciation, the more the Universe will deliver.
My ability to receive is measured by how much I practice good feeling thoughts. 

I am stable and centered. Through my breath I connect with my physical body. 

I flow with the Breath of Life into Divine Harmony.

As I open to more and more of my own Truth, I can easily see and affirm the Truth of Wholeness and Integration in others. 

As I rise above fear, I find the Wise One within and feel myself at peace. Eternal and immovable in the knowing of the Light I am. I swim with Whales and tread the land in Divine Service.

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