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Heart Opening Green Smoothie Recipe 

Today, my shoulders feel SUPER tight! I needed help catching my heels in Kapotasana because of it. I also cried after I came out of it, which brought to my attention that I’m obviously holding on to some stuck emotions. I know what it is, and I’m working through it. One thing that’s going to help me get through, is this heart opening green smoothie jam packed with all kinds of yummy greens, fruit and pea protein to help balance out my Anahata Chakra💚 and give me the nutrients I need to start my day right, post practice.

I loaded it with fresh green organic kale, avocado, mango, banana, lime, and vanilla pea protein powder. Topped it off with some ice and cashew milk… And Voilà! 🍌🍃💛

Natures Sunshine Products (contact me)

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