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Twinflames sometimes communicate through song, and Spirit gives me certain songs that are from the “twinflame collective” today’s song Don’t Know Much by Aaron Neville. (I do not claim rights to this song.) I will start randomly posting these types of videos as Spirit guides me too. I will also be working on writing a… Continue reading TWINFLAME MESSAGES

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It takes strength to sacrifice that which is most precious to you. To sacrifice means to “make sacred.” The sacrifice is an offering from your heart, crafted by the hands of love for our Creator to feast upon. In the Bible they speak of blood sacrifice, however in middle America, the Lord of Dawn, Quetzalcoatl,… Continue reading 🔮 TAROT TUESDAY 🔮

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Heaven is before you, your dreams are coming true. It’s time to focus on your inner journey and sacred visions. What do you hunger for? What are your true hearts desires? Are you flying above your life, unaware of your true nature? Is it possible you have forgotten to “stop and smell the roses?” Are… Continue reading 🔮 TAROT TUESDAY 🔮

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What if our dreams are the “reality” and our “reality” is the dream?

You do not have to continue to believe what is not true unless you choose too. A Course In Miracles; Ch. 2, para. 3, line 3 When I read this line in the book, thunder struck. It hit me deeply because I realized that majority of people choose to believe the lies. Most people will… Continue reading What if our dreams are the “reality” and our “reality” is the dream?

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Timing is everything. 🕰 🐇✨ I see something here that is very fated. But you may feel like it is not moving in the direction or at the speed that you would like it to be right now. You may feel like Spirit is blocking you, and it’s not that you are being blocked, Spirit… Continue reading 🔮 TAROT TUESDAY 🔮