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Yoga teaches you to laugh at yourself when you fall flat on your face and get back up and try again. ~Jessica Rovira~

Yoga has this slick way of getting under your skin, even deeper into the depths of your soul. It has a way of reaching down into the unencumbered version of your true self. But like all life, you have to weed through the ugly parts of yourself in order to get to the gold. Yoga forces you to push through old emotional and mental pain, releasing it to the surface to be faced. Yoga builds the strength you need in order to face fear when it arises in your life and on your mat. Yoga is the one part of your day that is completely yours. The one part of your day that you can dedicate to healing yourself. It’s were thoughts disappear and pain melts away. Yoga gives you something to believe in… Yourself!

Yesterday’s new moon had me dealing with the highs and the lows of these lunar vibrations. I felt like I was riding the Rockin ‘ roller coaster. One minute I was crying, the next I was laughing and couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. I felt scatterbrained, and like I couldn’t form complete thoughts. So, where did I go to escape the monkey in my brain? … You guessed it, my mat! I thought, “hey why not go work on something challenging” … I knew that would get my mind off of whatever trip it was on. So, I chose to work on hollow backs. I’ve never been really good at them because they are extremely hard on my shoulders and back, but as I continue to evolve in my practice I’m able to go deeper each time I try. I realized the trick is to keep the shoulder blades tucked into the rib cage. Once you feel the shoulders collapse, it’s over. Start again. Also, keep the lower bandhas (belly muscles) engaged. There are still parts of my back that are immobile and hopefully practicing these regularly will bring more flexibility to those areas of my back. Either way, you can see by the look on my face my mission was accomplished. My monkey was gone, and I could finally chill and relax with my fur babies without a care in the world. Today, back to my original practice and no monkey! Yoga… It does a body and mind good! Namaste🕉

Yoga is the path of the warrior.

The journey through Yoga is not for everyone.

It is for the strong willed.

It is for the strong minded.

It is for the free spirit.

It is for the rebel.

It is for the kind hearted.

It is for the wise.

It is for the selfless.

You cannot only embody one of these qualities…

You must own every single one.

This is Yoga.

Owning yourself.

Sat Nam🙏🏼👳🏼📿

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