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Why do human beings feel the need to put labels on everything? As if we wouldn’t exist without a name. 

We’re always searching for labels trying to define ourselves, others, things… But what if there were no labels? Would we still feel complete? 


What’s in a label? 
Let’s break this down:
Label – a classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive.  


How often do we confine ourselves into certain labels hoping to find some kind of truth in it? Yes, I know they can be informative and comforting, but how often does this label become limiting to our true beliefs? 

I challenge you to let go of all self limiting labels… And just be. A deer doesn’t hop around the forest wanting to be a wolf. A tree doesn’t sit around wishing to be a cloud. They are just happy being exactly what they are. We gave them names so that we could pass on knowledge, but these names do not define them. William Shakespeare said it best…  

In this video I found myself mesmerized by the lines in my shirt and wanting to see them dance while exploring different variations of goddess pose. I love allowing my body and mind the freedom to create magic together✨

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