#dance, Art, Lifestyle, Yoga

Words and music are such powerful magicians alone, put them together and new worlds are created. 

I find it so interesting the things we can release simply by allowing ourselves to live our passion. My passion is to create art in whatever form I see fit for the moment. In this moment, I have some deep emotional feelings I need to release of a sweet love that once was. I have tried to shove these feelings deep down hoping to forget about them, but we all know that never works. Silly me lol Well, it’s songs like these that force me to face certain feelings. I for one, am the type of person that likes to drown myself in a sorrowful song so I can finally let go of all that I was holding onto. I like to dance it out, wiggle it out, yoga it out… Or make a fusion of all of those things kind of like what I did here. Flowing freely, feeling every lyric every step of the way because it’s exactly what I want to say but can’t and it just feels so good to get it out even if this is the only way. Music and words, they are magical. Put them together with movement and the canvas is yours to fill. Thank Nilu for making songs like 🎼 Are You With Me, for souls to create art and heal in moments like these 🙏🏼❤️ Enjoy your weekend! I love you💖

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