Lifestyle, Music, Spirituality

Giving myself space to create and be free. 

I haven’t picked up the guitar in way too long, and moments like these remind me why I need to make it a daily thing. I just started strumming, and the lyrics started flowing.  Allowing myself the freedom to know, I am still learning. I am not perfect. I am only perfectly me, being free. Freedom comes when we accept where we are, right here, right now. In growth, there is no room for perfection. Life gets messy. Get dirty. Brush it off. Let it flow. Let it go. Let go of control. Let go of perfection. There is no manual to your life that you have to follow. You are allowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to mess up. You are allowed to fall down. You are allowed to take a step or two or three back. We are here to learn how to live and love in harmony. I hope you enjoy these musical stylings by yours truly 🤗🎤🎸​ Oh shit! I just noticed the time of the video is 444 click on link to know what that means

​ ​

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