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Vritis… Patterns of the mind. How do we overcome them? In order to know what we are, we must first know what we are not. 

In Jnana Yoga or Yoga knowledge, we learn that there are five layers to realize the Self. 

  1. Anamaya Kosh or Physical Body – external layer which we feed with food and water.
  2. Pranayama Kosha or Energetic body – that is nourished through breath, energy and chakras.
  3. Manomaya Kosha or Impure Mind – the 5 senses, ego and memory live in this layer. Maya (illusion) begins because the mind is disconnected from the heart and perceives illusions instead of reality. This layer is always changing and has three elements. The first element is, Chitta – subjectivity, emotional reactions, “mind-stuff”. The mind is a blank canvas projecting illusions. Think of a calm lake (mind), and what happens when you throw a rock (triggered wound) into the calm lake. Ripples appear, these ripples are our positive and/or negative reactions which create vritis or non-reality. With ripples in the lake (mind) we cannot see (think) clearly. If the mind is calm, the mind is clear. When we continuously repeat the same patterns over and over, this is Vritis, the second element of the third layer. A combination of vritis together creates a powerful force that becomes rooted in the self, these are patterns of the subconscious mind that we do not need and that do not serve us, but that lay dormant in our subconscious and are called Samskaras. This is the last element of the third layer. Through knowledge we begin to dissolve ignorance. When we relate only to the mind we become disconnected to the self. When we connect to the heart, we work passed these three elements of the lower mind into the…
  4. Vignanmaya Kosha or Pure MindAtman or Spirit. Discernment. Here we have the ability to choose right and wrong. Atman or Spirit, sends information to the brain through the layers. It is not our mind that makes the answers up, they come from within. How can we integrate more awareness? By following the 8 limbs of Patanjali, you can check out my blog on the 8 limbs here 👇🏼 By overcoming the impure mind and attaining the qualities of the pure mind, one reaches moksha or liberation/samadhi which leads towards enlightenment. It is a CHOICE to move from the impure mind, to the pure mind. 
  5. Anandamaya Kosha or Joy – True Self realized. Bliss. Reflects Atman. Atman has three characteristics: a. Sat or true essence. b. Chit or awareness. c. Ananda or bliss. Get in touch with Atman, and manifest Spirit in your life. When you know yourself, you know God and see God in all things. Namaste🙏🏼

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