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🍃🌸✨GOD🔅DESS ✨🌸🍃

What is a modern day God/dess?

In my opinion, it is a wo/man who not only sees, but also honors all aspects of the Self as natural and therefore perfect and sacred. A God/dess is someone who acknowledges the darkness as well as the light with in them and loves both parts equally. A God/dess is someone who chooses to SHINE with the freedom of self-acceptance and radiates vitality when they choose to value the Self as a unique expression of the Divine. A God/dess is someone who DOES NOT fall in to the image of the “perfect wo/man” … or become someone who they “think” they should be based on what other people want them to be.


First step to becoming a God/dess is to realize there is no such thing as the “perfect wo/man” and that our definitions of the “perfect wo/man” differ. We have been programmed to believe that the image of the “perfect wo/man” looks something like the Ken and Barbie dolls we all grew up playing with as kids… (come on boys, you know you got your hands on your sister/sisters-friends barbies at some point lol 😜) and that is far from the truth.




Step 2: Own it! Never doubt that you are an utterly Divine creature. When in doubt, sit down, close your eyes. Shut your mind off, ask the Divine Creator to protect your heart with 7 golden bars so that the light from your heart will shine so bright that all unwanted energies will be blocked. Feel the love in your heart and ask the Divine Creator to show you your divinity through the eyes of the divine life force. You may not physically “see” anything, but maybe you will feel or sense something beautiful and invigorating. This is you! Find it. Love it. Share it. 💞


Step 3: Surround yourself only with those who acknowledge that you are a full-fledged God/dess and that it is your birthright. You will be faced with those who will test your worth, stand in your power ALWAYS. Remember, you came from the Divine Creator, you are a creation of God/dess … Divine in your own nature. You are a God/dess! Say it out loud 7 times! “I am a God/dess!” … “I am Divine!” … “I am worthy!”


Which God/dess do you associate with the most? … Write it in the comments below.

Here are a few of my faves in case you need a reference:

Lilith-The Wild One

Aphrodite-The Beautiful Muse

Athena-The Golden Heroine

Demeter-The Earth Empress

Artemis-The Medicine Woman

Hecate-The Wise Woman

Isthar-The High Priestess

Isis-The Queen 👑

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