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What if our dreams are the “reality” and our “reality” is the dream?

You do not have to continue to believe what is not true unless you choose too.

A Course In Miracles; Ch. 2, para. 3, line 3

When I read this line in the book, thunder struck. It hit me deeply because I realized that majority of people choose to believe the lies. Most people will choose to believe what is not true because it is easier not to know. The deep sleep that the Bible talks about Adam going under is the slumber of man falling into the conditioning of the matrix system. We have fallen under a bad dream that we need to awaken ourselves from. There is a huge misconception that we have been separated from Source. Ego has run the programmed condition in your mind that we were all kicked out of Heaven by God and that he’s waiting to judge you and the life you’ve chosen to lead. Why would God do that?… to teach us a lesson? I think not. God created us in His perfection. If God is perfect, why would He create anything other than perfect love?

Fear is an illusion. Fear is created from the belief that when you die, you will be judged by God, and based on that judgment, you either will or won’t be accepted into heaven. Doesn’t that just feel off to you? First of all, we are eternal beings who cannot die, we simply take on another physical form… AAAAAND …Our God would never deny us access to Source being. The gates to Heaven were never closed and we never left! You have just forgotten where you came from. You have forgotten who you are… a child of God. God isn’t waiting to judge you, God is waiting to connect with you.

God doesn’t want your sacrificial blood of worship. God wants a relationship with you and for you to remember the life He co-created with you!

Everyone here has the Light of God inside of them no matter how dark it may seem. We came here with a purpose, on purpose… and remembering what that purpose is, is our job. It’s the part that we need to work towards waking up inside of us. With the Holy Spirit by your side, you will succeed. You will have abundance in love, life and in riches. When I say in riches I mean in heart. Your wealth will come from the abundance of Light you will have to share with your brothers and sisters. You will be taken care of. There is no suffering when you walk the path with God. In order to do this, you first have to let go of the belief that God is punishing you, or against you in any way. The only thing working against you is your ego. Why?! Because ego loves to create separation so that it can feel like it has its own identity. Ego wants to be in charge and doesn’t like change, so it will do and say anything in order to keep you stuck in a perpetuating cycle of pain and suffering. All the while seeming to blame God for all your problems. Why are we as human beings always looking for someone to blame for our shortcomings when we have full control of our life and what we do with it.

The sky is the limit. The essence of the cosmos lives in your cells. You ARE the MIRACLE.

What is it that you dream of being or doing? Those dreams are your reality… OWN THEM! They are yours for the taking. Create your own matrix system built on your dreams, not someone else’s. Not one person out there has the same dream as you so there is no need to worry that you have to compete for your dreams to become reality. You will infact be guided by the Holy Spirit to those who share your same vision and will support you. There is no lack in the spiritual world, lack is a man made concept. When you walk with the Holy Spirit the path you co-created together, you will always be provided with exactly what you need in order to make that dream become a reality. There is enough wealth and abundance to go around when you walk with God. When you try to do it all on your own is when you will suffer and struggle to make ends meet. It’s like telling God He doesn’t know what’s best for you.

You don’t have to know the stories of the Bible, Koran, Vedas, Kabbalah or any other scriptures in order to know God. You don’t have to go to Sunday church or be baptized to know God. You don’t have to make any sacrifices to God. You being born on this place called Mother Gaia, or how most know Her as Earth, and remembering your connection to God through knowing Thyself, is the only thing you need to know while you are here on this living breathing planet. When you know who you are, beyond your ego self, you will know God. When you understand the Oneness of life and how we are all connected through the Sonship, then you can begin to make your dreams a reality.

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