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Here one second, gone the next. I like to live life as if each day were my last. This is the path of the spiritual warrior. ~Jessica Rovira~

I saw two turkeys on my way home from the beach, a sign to be grateful. For the Native people, the turkey was thought to be the “give-away.” The philosophy of the “give-away” was a simple practice of deep abiding recognition of the sacrifices of the self and others. With all the disasters happening around the globe, this is the perfect time to practice the medicine of the turkey. Those who have many times more than they need, should humbly sacrifice their fair share, like the turkey sacrificed his life. Even the gift of prayer can be considered a form of devotion towards the healing process of our Mother. Feel the spirit of giving grow within you. Share the love, share the wealth. Help rebuild our planet by showing compassion to those in need. 

“Ho, Brother Turkey! So freely you give, Of everything that you are, So others may truly live.”

​*Song in the video is Big Smoke, Pt.2 by Tash Sultana. I do not claim rights to this song.*

This video footage was from Saturday. When I got to the beach it was dark and gloomy. I love the feel of these kinds of mornings. The shades of grays and deep blues gives the air a hint of mystery. The tides were high, and the clouds were heavy. I wanted to surf, but there was no chance of me getting out in that choppy chaos. So, I decided to do some Yoga instead. It was a little tricky considering the ground was extra soft and mushy and there was seaweed everywhere. Without a solid foundation I found myself having to really rely on my core strength. One thing I’ve noticed every time I come to the beach and it’s cloudy… When I start showing devotion to the Sun, Grandfather always seems to come shining through! I like to think He is happy to see me raising my hands in gratitude. Mother Gaia right now, on the other hand, is mad. I feel like she is upset because so many have forgotten that She is the number ONE energy source for us humans to draw from here on Earth. And we have taken advantage of her so much that she is furious. How could we be so ungrateful? How could we destroy the one thing that gives us life? I felt her fury that day in the way the waves slammed against the shoreline. It’s time to start giving thanks and showing gratitude for the resources and stability Mother Gaia provides for us everyday. She gave us life, and she could take it away with the blink of an eye. 

Do you practice devotion? If so, what are some ways? If not, and you would like to try, the best way to start is by showing love to yourself first. Start by simply sitting still in a quiet space for a few minutes and give gratitude for the blessings in your life. This practice helps you reconnect with your internal Source. Resting, meditating, sleeping… It all connects you to pure Source. What is your source of energy? Your lifestyle will clue you in on what your main source of energy is. Below is a list of other ways you can show devotion to yourself and others.

Finding Devotion Within Yourself

 What is devotion to you?

Start a “devotion” journal. 

What are you grateful for?

Cultivate enthusiasm for those you love. 

Work to accept those you love for who they are. 

Put the needs of your loved ones first, but not to the detriment of yourself.

Go for a walk outside.

Plant a garden.

Take salt baths.

Go to bed early. 

Eat healthy.


Drink more water.

Yoga. Meditation. Pranayama (breathing exercises).

Read books on spirituality.

Listen to relaxing music.

Sing. Dance. Write. Paint. Create. 

Give without expectating something in return. 


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