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Uncensored Raw Emotional Material: If you are easily offended by vulgar words and ass shaking… I suggest you do not read this blog.

I woke up with the feels today… The sticky icky feels. Feeling purgy like a volcano was about to erupt inside of me. I felt nauseous and yucky, like something was crawling up my spine trying to work its way out. I skipped out on practice yesterday and today because I just didn’t feel right. There is so much going on energetically in the world and I feel like I’m being affected by all of it. 

My day started off with me writing a eulogy to my ex lover. Letting go of the attachment to what I thought we were “suppose” to be. I cried the whole way writing it and then I performed a funeral. I took the letter outside, covered it in honey, and buried it with an amethyst in the north east corner of my land. I felt a huge release. As if an enormous weight was lifted off my shoulders. And not a few hours later, I received this message from the universe…​

So, after that, what did my body want to do?… Flip out! My ass just started shaking and I started stomping the ground and going nuts. Allowing the tribal rhythm of my internal fury explode in the form of dance. I felt like each stomp was releasing whatever was inside that I just couldn’t seem to get out. It all seemed to go way deeper than just my ex lover… So, I rode that feeling all the way down to its origin. Whatever it was, it felt ancestral. Almost like I was a native of the land before they were invaded, and I was releasing ancient history… Lifetimes and lifetimes of pain and anger. Whatever ancestral demons that may have been lurking in my bloodline, finally were being expelled. I feel like my inner shaman was guiding this ritual as I called upon him this morning in desperation. All I had to do was allow myself to surrender. After I got all that junky stuff out, I was finally ready to do some yoga but I didn’t want to do much because my body is still feeling tight and sore. So, I finished off with a simple vinyasa flow from the heart💖 And it worked like magic✨ 

​*all video footage was recorded in silence. Music was added later: DJ Drez; Vasudeva’s Dance. I do not claim any rights to this song. 

Like waves, life always has its ups and downs, it’s highs and lows. It’s about learning to ride the waves like a pro.

I needed some extra comfort today, so I made soup! I loaded it with veggies and legumes, made white rice to add in to my bowl, with slices of avocado. Below are the ingredients for the soup.





Bell Peppers



White beans


Tomato paste 

Bone broth 


Salt & pepper



Start by cooking the carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, onions and culantro in a pot with your choice of oil, and seasonings. Let that simmer for about 7 minutes and then add your sofrito, peppers and tomato paste. Let that simmer until juices start to extract. Then add beans and mix well. Rinse and cut kale, add to the top. Cover with entire box of bone broth and some extra water, mix it up, put the top on and let it boil on med high for at least 20-30 mins. Enjoy😋

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