Don’t have time for a full practice but still want to get on your mat? Here is a quick and effective short cut to the Ashtanga primary series, perfect for the holidays. 

I don’t know about you, but during the holidays it gets so hard to keep consistent with my practice. Not only does the weather throw me off balance, but so does the time change. I get super sleepy during the winter and want to hibernate into my cave. Every morning is a struggle to get out of bed because I just want to stay cuddled up in my warm comforter. 

Today, Christmas Eve, is one of those days that my mind is so focused on what I’m going to cook, bake and decorate… That I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to practice or not. I knew I needed to, but my mind was so bombarded with all the preparations that I almost skipped out. Instead of not practicing, I decided to just cut it really short. Doing all of my sun salutations which helps get the body flowing correctly trough creating internal heat and preparing the body for purification and detoxification. Then, I moved into standing postures from Padangustasana (thumb to foot posture) through Parsvottanasana (intense side stretch  posture), these five postures are considered to be the fundamental postures of the series. They help tune the physical and energetic body to help bring balance through alignment.  Next, I do my backbends, but only three drop backs instead of five. Then I work all the way through the ending postures. Even if you are only doing sun salutations, you should always do at least the last three ending postures if not all of them. Doing so will help prevent illness and disease in the body. 

This quick run through the series is effective and time efficient. Leaving me feeling calm and collected and like I got my yoga fix. Now, I am ready to start my day, and my mind doesn’t feel all discombobulated anymore. Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁🎅🏼☃✨

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