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The only love that really exists is love of thy Self. Self-love fills you up with more love to give to all. Jessica Rovira

How is your relationship with yourself? Do you know yourself to the FULLEST?! Are you aware of who you truly are deep down inside? Do you love your imperfect self? Do you have shadows that you are ignoring or running from? 

It’s time to really look behind the veils of society in order to know what’s happening behind closed curtains these days. Start learning how to think for yourself. Ask questions. Don’t conform. Keep your heart open so that your heart-eyes and heart-ears can pick up EVERYTHING that Maya (illusion) tries to hide. If you listen to your heart, it will show you the way. We have an underlying awareness of a life we can sense but cannot reach. And this subconscious awareness is what keeps us feeling insatiable. No amount of money will fill this emptiness. Neither will the “best” job, nicest car, prettiest clothes, biggest house.. Nothing.. can fulfill this innate nature to be one with ourselves. Until you experience this feeling, you will never know it exists. Only then, will you become aware that there is something better out there.. And that you are missing out on something way bigger than you can even fathom.  

Our goal as human beings is to break down the separation we create within ourselves. The key to destroying the veils that keep us from seeing reality as it really is, is by detaching from the external world and residing in our own true nature. The destruction of maya (illusion) will only happen through knowing who you truly are. Man is free and Divine in his own nature. We are always One with the Supreme Being (Brahman) but we forget this and associate ourselves with matter because of the veils of maya. Freedom is knowledge. Liberation comes from lifting the veils of ignorance by constantly disassociating yourself from all limitations and identifying with the Supreme Being, your true Self.

How do you get there? How do you reach that inner space within you that is full of love and abundance?  

  1. Work and devotion to towards taking care of your vessel (body). 
  2. Daily stillness and mindfulness of actions. 
  3. Being grateful. 
  4. Showing compassion. 
  5. Forgiveness. 
  6. And above all, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That means love WITHOUT conditions. The last two on this list are the hardest, but the most rewarding. 

There is a divine spark within each and everyone of us. All you have to do is go within to find it. Namaste 🙏🏼  Happy Holidays 🕊✨

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