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When we acknowledge and act upon our impulse to create, we are aligning our will with the creator. 

Creativity is a form of expression associated with the fifth chakra, Visuddha or sound. This chakra is associated with communication, and believe it or not, communication is a creative process. As Yogis, we use our bodies to communicate, twisting and turning into a form of art. By adding music, it becomes a way of self expression. We then can transcend any feelings, any thoughts in that very moment to bring in the light of our divine soul. This process of creation guides us towards self discovery. In creating this work of art, we open ourselves to the many mysteries of the universe. We become a channel for spiritual information, learning a language more universal than human tongues. 

Creativity releases our inner power. It is the key to unlocking innovation and flexibility of the mind. We must honor it in ourselves and in each other. We must honor the means in which make it possible to create and protect ourselves from those outside faculties which threaten to shut down this basic life force. Our future depends on it. Synthetic drugs and medications are a big block to our creative energetic flow. Anything that is synthetic, created by man, will be a block to our creative flow. This is the time to get into your creative energies. So many people are so disconnected to themselves that this will take lots of work. A change in diet, a change in lifestyle and healthy environment is a huge start. But nothing is impossible if you really want it. 

I’ve been in a silly creative mode all week and it’s only increasing. Here are a few raw flows that I creatively expressed even though I mess up, giggle, bite my lip and may look a fool, I will still post them. My facial expressions alone will give away how much fun I am having regardless of whether I perfect a sequence or not. It’s not about the sequence, it’s about the feeling of the divine creator flowing inside of me, and me being so comfortable with expressing myself through her. 


In this next video that I took yesterday, I had gone outside to do some earthing. The second I laid foot upon mother Gaia, I look upon the standing people and made eye contact with an owl. She looked at me, I looked at her and she flew away deeper into the woods. The wind was howling, the leaves were falling and I knew it was time to let go. Let go of everything. Surrendering to what is and what is to come. As I gazed upon the golden flakes upon the earth, I was invited to go play. Ironically, one single golden leaf attached itself to my sleeve. You can see it is with me throughout the whole video, and I even cut some parts out. In the very last pose, you can see me look at it b/c I knew this posture would risk it being removed, but I kept going, and when I was done it was gone. The experience alone to have had the pleasure of sharing that beautiful dance of life with this light being, was worth seeing it float away. There were other stowaway’s throughout the video that got caught up in my hands and toes, but at some point, just fall away. I had no clue when they left or where they went, and I just stayed happily in the flow. As I watched the video and decided what song to put to it, it made me recognize even more so, there was a huge lesson here. Learning how to let go. The name of the song is called, Learn to let go, by IDER. Isn’t this exactly what winter is about?! Saying goodbye to the old in order to invite renewal into our lives in the springtime. Ahhhh! Ain’t life grand?! Lessons are everywhere if we have the right eyes and ears to hear them with. I’m not talking about the eyes and ears on your head, but the eyes and ears in your heart. I hope you enjoy this flow and movement and that it inspires you to get creative and let go of perfection. Have a great weekend! 


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