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The power is within you to create your own reality. Jessica Rovira

Let’s talk about FORGIVENESS. .

What is Forgiveness? 

The action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. 

What does it mean to forgive? 

To stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw or mistake. 


How can we forgive those who have hurt us in some way? Whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or all three. How can we find that space in our hearts to let go of the offense or wound? 




You start by forgiving yourself first. When you accept that the suffering starts with your relationship with yourself, then you can choose to let go of the blame. It is in the attachment of what happened to you that makes you suffer. Wallowing in self pitty will not get you anywhere, trust me, I’ve tried. Rise above your circumstances and be grateful for the many beautiful things in your life. When you shift your perspective to the things you are grateful for, you will receive more abundance. When you can look around and be grateful for everything you have like, warm showers, a cozy bed to sleep in, a snuggly pet to cuddle with, then you will begin to see all the blessings you have instead of seeing what is lacking. I am not saying to suppress your feelings by any means, please, release them. Feel them, cry them out, scream them out if you have too… But then, let them go. Let the universe take everything you released and transmute into magic. Trust that the universe wants you to be happy and is working in your favor. Change your perspective. Even if you have to fake it till you make! It’s time to stop focusing on the things you don’t want and start manifesting the things that you do want! Stop feeding others your power by being angry or mad or whatever energetic attachment you’ve created. Keep that energy for yourself and go do something rad with it like climb a fucking mountain or something! Lol! My point is, everyday… Over and over again… Choose love, not fear. I hope this message inspires you to let go and forgive, so that you can set yourself free! Have a wonderful day! 

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