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The Illusion of Fear

“All fear is ultimately reducible to the basic misperception that you have the ability to usurp God.”

A Course In Miracles; Chp. 2, p. 18, para. 4, line 1
Kali Ma’ in her fierce form. Do not know the artist.

During my meditation this morning after my yoga practice, I was feeling a huge heartache. What did I do? … I tried to rationalize it of course. My mind started to wander away while I gave myself reasons as to why I had manifested the physical pain. Then I remembered the Course and the lessons that I’ve learned so far, of how these thoughts and this body mean nothing because they are not even real (must read The Disappearance of the Universe https://www.amazon.com/Disappearance-Universe-Straight-Illusions-Forgiveness/dp/1401905668/ref=nodl_& A Course In Miracles https://www.amazon.com/Disappearance-Universe-Straight-Illusions-Forgiveness/dp/1401905668/ref=nodl_ to truly understand). So then I thought, how could I be in pain from a situation that never really happened? I noticed that because I was holding on to the feelings the situation caused, I made the pain even more real. I was giving my pain a reason to live instead of letting it go and transforming.

As soon as I realized I was doing this, I said to myself, “I can let go of this pain in my heart because I can forgive the situation that never really happened.” I feel like because I truly understand the lesson and truly believed what I was saying, the pain disappeared. The deep integration that came after that release was immediate. This is what the Course In Miracles is all about. This is the Course in action.

What’s crazy is the very next Lesson (5) correlated to this experience as well. So, when I read the Lesson after having the meditation and that experience, I felt like I was being guided through the Course without even reading the book.

I am never upset for the reason I think.

A Course In Miracles; Lesson 5

I was able to look beyond the reason I thought I was in pain, realizing I was creating the pain by holding on to the experience of the painful situation as if it were real, why?…. because my emotions were attached to the situation. Somewhere deep in my subconscious my ego was still telling me that “this happened to me and because of that it made me feel this” even though on the surface I had forgiven the person and the situation. The work is really with Self. Forgiving yourself for not listening to your intuition or for not paying attention to the red flags.

After I got home from work, I started working on my manual for the Yoga Teacher Training I am putting together at the moment. As I sat on my bed with my two fur babies to my right looking out the window to all the bird action outside, I decided to get up to grab some oils because I had sneezed twice and I was like, let me get some oils in me hahaha! SIDE-NOTE: SHOT OUT to DOTERRA OILS, if you need someone to guide you in that direction I’M YOUR GIRL!!! Shoot me a message!

Anyways… I stood up and looked out the window to see what all the commotion was about and I saw the hummingbird that lives in my backyard sucking nectar from my pom pom flowers, the mimosa flower. Which, another side note, I make tinctures of this flower and it is really good for helping you achieve emotional serenity.

This is a mimosa flower aka pom pom flower.

So of course I eagerly change my direction towards the backyard and on the way I grabbed my on guard pills from doterra. I sat in the chairs out back in front of the mimosa tree and I watched. The cardinal couple were out and about, there were two different types of wood peckers, both little ones, but one with a red head and one without. Then a crow appeared to drink water from the brook. The bumble bees were drinking from the mimosa nectar and the dragonflies skated atop the water puddles. I just watched and listened as they all danced around me singing their different songs. It was an orchestration of magic with the climax yet to come.

I got stuck watching the bumble bees share the mimosa flowers with the honey bees and this one wasp. At first the wasp was in and out checking out all the different flowers then finally decide to land on just one. As I judged the poor wasp for being known as angry and mean, a bumble bee came over and landed on the flower and they both began to share the nectar. I remember thinking, oh wow, maybe the wasp isn’t all that bad in the end and they can actually co-exist; changing my view of wasps entirely. So I watched as the wasp made its rounds and then as soon as bumble bee got in the way I saw wasp give a head nod and bumble bee got the message and flew away. No harsh feelings, just went to go find another flower to drink from and that was that. Just as I thought I had seen an entire series on discovery channel about insects, the hummingbird came in to steal the show…

As I sat there in aw that she was right in front of me searching through the flowers hovering and looking oh so shiny and beautiful, she starts to get lower and closer. Since I have my glasses on I could see her iridescent tones and the little black and white tip of her tail to perfection. It made a few rounds and I was in a daze when she stopped and looked right at me then literally started flying straight towards me. Like DIRECTLY towards my face! It was magical! Then she reared off to my left and flew over my left shoulder which is EXACTLY where I have my hummingbird tattoo.

Sublime w/ Rome and Dirty Heads Concert 2021′
Hummingbird… Joyful little sister, Nectar you crave! All the sweetness of the flowers, Is the love you gave. Sams & Carson

Spirit is definitely trying to send me a message. I can’t wait to see what surprise Spirit has in store for me! The Native American hummingbird meaning is associated with healing, wisdom, and endurance. The little bird is also a messenger sent from heaven. Hummingbird myths depict the tiny bird as a healer or a spirit sent to help people. Some legends represent the hummingbird as the fire bringer. Like the tiny bird seeking the flowers’ nectar, we should be looking at what’s good in life. The hummingbird is capable of flying long distances to reach their destination.

This is why the hummingbird symbol is associated with endurance and perseverance. The hummingbird’s fly reminds us to be adaptable and accept changes. The symbolism of the hummingbird is also linked to the idea of eternity and infinity. As the flutter of its wings move in the pattern of a figure eight, the ancient symbol of continuity. So, what does it mean when you see a hummingbird? The hummingbirds symbolic meaning is a positive one. Hummingbirds mean we must open our hearts to love, joy, and good luck. 💓🍃🌸✨

Beloved J

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