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I am a Galactic Starseed, Mystical Creature, Free Spirit, Wayshower, Trailblazer, Light Worker, Light Being, Shamaness, Healer, Intuitive, Psychic, Tarot/Oracle Reader, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Attuned, Akashic Record Reader, Astrology Student… did I leave anything out? 🤔 Probably 🤷🏻‍♀️ Beloved J: Awaken the Divine Within PODCAST is up and running! https://open.spotify.com/show/1cnxWRt4sNa3Pk05nrlb2U?si=r52xWyYYT8m-GogpkRQr1A Welcome Soul Tribe! … I… Continue reading NEW PODCAST CHANNEL UP ON SPOTIFY

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It takes strength to sacrifice that which is most precious to you. To sacrifice means to “make sacred.” The sacrifice is an offering from your heart, crafted by the hands of love for our Creator to feast upon. In the Bible they speak of blood sacrifice, however in middle America, the Lord of Dawn, Quetzalcoatl,… Continue reading 🔮 TAROT TUESDAY 🔮

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Heaven is before you, your dreams are coming true. It’s time to focus on your inner journey and sacred visions. What do you hunger for? What are your true hearts desires? Are you flying above your life, unaware of your true nature? Is it possible you have forgotten to “stop and smell the roses?” Are… Continue reading 🔮 TAROT TUESDAY 🔮

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The Illusion of Fear

"All fear is ultimately reducible to the basic misperception that you have the ability to usurp God."A Course In Miracles; Chp. 2, p. 18, para. 4, line 1 Kali Ma' in her fierce form. Do not know the artist. During my meditation this morning after my yoga practice, I was feeling a huge heartache. What… Continue reading The Illusion of Fear

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Not only is the Sun in Leo, but we are also having a New Moon in Leo. New moons are all about setting intentions and manifesting new beginnings. The Lions Gate Portal is today, it is a portal of energy that is created annually on the 8th day of August which is the 8th month… Continue reading 888 LIONS GATE PORTAL 888

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Ishvara Pranidhana or Devotion is the fifth of five Niyamas (observances) studied in Yoga philosophy.

In a deep metaphysical sense, all that is conditioned is illusory. All phenomena are literally 'appearances,' the outer masks in which the One Reality shows itself forth in our changing universe. The more 'material' and solid the appearance, the further it is from reality, and therefore the more illusory it is. Annie Besant Niyamas, or… Continue reading Ishvara Pranidhana or Devotion is the fifth of five Niyamas (observances) studied in Yoga philosophy.

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🧡Papaya Super Power Breakfast Bowl🧡

I love papaya 🧡 not only is it sweet, fragrant and juicy 🤤 it is considered to have a lot of beneficial properties also. It helps speed up your metabolism, improving your digestion and aiding in weight loss; it boosts your immunity and lowers cholesterol. Papaya is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber and fights… Continue reading 🧡Papaya Super Power Breakfast Bowl🧡