Spirituality, Tarot/Oracle


General: Regrets from the past, of not being good enough, worthy enough. It is time for deep inner child healing. Issues from childhood are rearing their heads. Do you carry beliefs that are holding you back from evolving and moving into the next phase of your life? This can be something big or small, doesn’t matter it still has the same impact. Facing your childhood memories may be hard, but it is profound work that needs to happen right now. As we grow into adulthood we forget about our inner child, thinking that it is no longer a part of us… but it is! It is a very important component of living a healthy balanced life. You would be surprised to know what can be labeled a “trauma” or “disconnect” from our true self. Deep down we all have an inner child that is just looking for love and to be accepted, but that work is only meant for us. Instead of looking for validation form the outside world, we need to give that love and acceptance to ourselves.

We are free to play and indulge in the pleasures of life. There is a need to nurture your inner child. This is not about being reckless, this is about honoring your passions and your need to be free and have fun! Time to find flow between work and play. Be fearless and stand strong. Don’t back down. Don’t settle for second best. Your Spirit is calling for you to step up as a warrior of the Light. A warrior is someone who doesn’t wait to be told what to do, they act on Spirit. The warrior is willing to face what needs to be faced and let go of what is not serving them. The warrior is willing to do whatever it takes to know themselves. Self love is knowing your true worth, and fighting for it. YOU WERE BORN WORTHY! When you choose to walk away from people or situations that hurt you, or disrespect you, you are loving yourself. In Yoga, we are taught, Ahimsa aka non-harming, this means self harm too. By unconsciously allowing others to take your power, you are neglecting your true self and are harming your inner child. Sometimes, you may feel like you are in the dark, or like there is no hope. The warrior knows how to walk the darker corridors of life in search for the light within themselves. The warrior KNOWS THEY ARE THE LIGHT! When we choose to face our shadows head on, the light of our inner being shines even more brightly. When fear arises, it is a sign that whatever the situation is, it’s something that is important to you. Whenever you feel fear, something magical happens, you get the opportunity to transcend and transform that fear into love. Call upon your inner warrior if you are being faced with a situation or a person that is unsettling. Don’t be frightened, you are protected. New passions and ideas are coming in hot and fast! Get ready, because your luck is about to change.

Love: Perfect Divine Love. I see a deep soul bond. Love, peace, harmony and balance are at the heart of this connection. Even if it may not seem so on the surface. The power of love wins. This has taken a long time to manifest, possibly even lifetimes. Someone is holding onto to secrets or keeping their feelings hidden. Or maybe someone just did not want to commit long term in the past, even past life love that was unable to commit for whatever societal beliefs. It’s like there is a lot of love here, but it can also become very toxic if mishandled. “Too hot to handle” just came to mind. You both could have codependency issues. Financial problems, substance abuse, negative thoughts, workaholics, old beliefs… all of these can be forms of codependencies that interfere in this connection. These could be related to ancestral patterns or learned behaviors from childhood. There is a need to allow healing in this connection, retreat into your inner cave. Go within to see what needs to be reconciled. This is about taking responsibility for your own actions and the energy you put out there. It takes two to tango. If you see you are having to go out of your way to reach out or get through to someone, its time to step back and take back your energy. Give yourself that attention you seek in others and commit to yourself if someone else doesn’t want to commit to you. Self love is the BEST love, because from a cup that over flows, you can give without feeling depleted. There is a lot of raw solid passionate energy that wants to manifest. Allow Spirit to fan the flames. Spirit is guiding this connection and has been healing it behind the scenes. Be patient, everything will balance out when you align to Spirit. It is time to trust in the POWER OF LOVE.

Beloved J

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