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We will always be faced with obstacles in life. These are opportunities for us to grow. Stepping out of our comfort zone and into the creative flow that is our Divine nature. 

Do not resist any points of instability in your life, this even applies to your most treasured relationships or creative projects. That instability is just a growing pain because more consciousness, more love and more light wants to infiltrate and purveyed all parts of your life. The instability is not a sign of sickness but of growth, so don’t fret, instead choose to flow and grow. Rising above the circumstances we were given in life is key to living in true freedom. When we allow ourselves the freedom to create, we our allowing ourselves the freedom to be true to the Self. This is what the soul innately craves, to be able to express itself authentically. When we deny ourselves the freedom to create, we are disconnecting from not only the Self, but from the Divine Creator as well. Enjoy your weekend my loves 🙏🏼✨❤️ And CREATE! CREATE! CREATE! 🎨🖌🎤🎸📝 

🎥:me 🎼:me and the boyeez 🌊 Ft. Pierce Inlet

​🎥:me 🎼:glitch mob:fortune days 

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