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I am my own physician. I am my own shaman. My breath, is my life force. My body, is my canvas. My mat, is my sidekick. Jessica Rovira

There comes a time that every obstacle may stand against you; it takes your love to keep you on track with what you are passionate about pursuing. Israelmore Ayivor

I feel like everything lately has been trying to keep me OFF my mat. I am being hit with all the distractions at once. Laziness, mental struggles, physical set backs, even deep emotional triggers are popping up. It is making me not want to practice. This is when my will really starts to get tested. Through all the bumps in the road and all the mental chatter, I find it to my mat every single day either way. Even if some days I go so slow it takes me 2hrs, I’m ok with it. This is part of being a yogi warrior. Fighting the good fight. I cried happy tears today right before my drop backs, just thinking about how far I have come in the past 6 years of practicing yoga. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. What set it off was seeing the alignment of my back. I can not believe how much my posture has changed since I started my Ashtanga practice 4 years ago. It has not been easy. It has been physically, emotionally and mentally brutal. Working through years and years of stuck emotions, fused parts of my spine, and self-limiting mental patterns… everyday was a struggle. Some may look at my IG account and think it’s all been so easy for me. Not true. I have shed blood, guts and tears on my mat. And I keep pushing because the results are tangible. The strength and ability I have gained not only physically but in character as well, has given me the will to strive. I am still healing. There are parts of myself that I am still learning. But this is my passion, learning myself, and my body, fixing what’s broken and changing what’s not working. The only way to know the Divine Creator is by knowing thyself. What better way to get to know yourself than through the practice of yoga? I am so grateful for this gift 🙏🏼

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