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Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. Swami Sivananda

Do you know the ancient Egyptian story of the goddess Ammut? She was known as the “devourer of the dead” and the “eater of hearts.” She had the body of a hippo and a lion, and the head of a crocodile. The ancient Egyptians feared that if they did something really bad in this lifetime, she would magically appear and eat you.

The ancient Egyptians believed that you needed to have a light heart in order to enter your afterlife. The way to a light heart is through good deeds here on Earth in this lifetime. They believed that after you died you had to pass through the Hall of Maat, the goddess of justice and truth, on the way to your afterlife. There, the god Anubis, the one with the canine head and body of a man, would weigh your heart on a scale against a feather. Thoth, the god of writing and Maat’s husband, would record the findings. Ammut always stood by just in case she was needed. If your heart was as light as the feather, you would pass Maat’s test and enter your afterlife. But, if your heart was heavy, Ammut would move swiftly and gobble you up. Because of this belief, nearly most of the ancient Egyptians spent their lifetimes doing good deeds to ensure their way into their afterlife.

What good deeds are you doing daily to lighten your heart? Maybe you don’t do any, and that’s ok, you can always start now! We are all so extremely socially engaged that we are becoming more and more fixated on the way we look and our social status than on the conditions of our hearts. Your social status won’t matter once your dead (😬 sorry but it’s true). What will matter, is your heart. What matters are the lessons we came here to learn, did we learn them? Your soul is trying to communicate with you daily, and you know it, but you ignore it. We live in a world where we were taught to build our external lives. Go to school, get a job, be successful which meant… having a big home, and a nice car and lots of money. Nothing in these teachings told us to take care of our hearts and commune with our inner selves. There was no mandatory class in school on how to love yourself. No one stressed that growing up. Why have we become so disconnected to the one thing that gives us life? Something to think about. Enjoy your weekend. Aloha Friday 🌸♥️💞🤙🏼

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