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Trust in Divine time and just relax into the flow.

The soul which ebbs and flows with the tides, is like a piece of sea weed on the shore waiting for the water to rise. Waiting patiently for Spirit to tell us when to leap. Steady flowing like a calm and clear river. Never underestimate the intelligence of a calm body of water. It knows when chaos is coming, it knows when to move and when not too. The tide rolls in and out without warning. Man try to measure the time and aspects of her but it’s unpredictable, it’s timeless, it’s flow. You know exactly what to do and what not to do. The answers lie inside of you. Will you choose to listen to your ego and follow fear? Follow the same path you have always been following? Running, always running. Always sabotaging. When will you finally choose love over fear? When will you choose to follow your destiny? We are all here to learn love and we can learn it alone or together with a like-minded soul. Someone who will enhance your vibration by causing you to grow. Someone who will stick by your side and never let you go. The choice is yours. You can love now or die alone. What story do you choose to write? Which ending will bring you insane delight?

🌅📸 Sunrise photos taken by Kohl Alexander

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