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Not only is the Sun in Leo, but we are also having a New Moon in Leo. New moons are all about setting intentions and manifesting new beginnings. The Lions Gate Portal is today, it is a portal of energy that is created annually on the 8th day of August which is the 8th month of the year, activating the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world. Every year this portal opens the energies to close out cycles and start new ones. This intense energy gives us a last ditch chance to make some changes, closing out anything we no longer want to experience in our lives. Anything we let go will be gone for the next cycle. Anything we want to attract and manifest will have a huge advantage if we set the intentions now.

Leo is the 5th house of the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun. Their symbol is the lion and it is a fire element and a fixed sign. Leos’ motto is “I create.” Leos have great energy, are bold, courageous, honest, and tender hearted when they are in balance. Out of balance, Leos can be egocentric, prideful, and self-indulgent. Creative pursuits are emphasized, romance and children are emphasized, as well as your own artistic self-expression. Watch out you don’t get sucked into drama or try not to be the one to create it, as you may be feeling the need to strike off on your own instead of communing with social agendas.

Expect heightened levels of energy and psychic intuition. Higher Consciousness Awareness. Unexpected endings and new beginnings. Awakenings. Vitality and Alignment. Seeing number sequences, especially 1111, 888, 333, 444. Prophetic messages through dreams. Instant Manifestations. Deja Vu. Spiritual Downloads. Altered realities.

The past few years have been preparing us for this very moment. Raising our vibrations and receiving light codes to help us with this transition from the 3D to 5D. The shift from fear to LOVE. We have all been on this journey together whether you are actively aware of it or not. There is no more 3D reality, it is crumbling, although some people will remain in this frequency because they have the will to choose. Most will be moving into the 4D where you start to ask deeper questions about life and your purpose. A small 144,000 will move into the 5D and start creating their own realities. Their own universes built on LOVE and COMPASSION. Activating this new blue print will shift your DNA into a Light body frequency that will help you detach from the old paradigm of lower levels of chaos on lower timelines. We are shifting into sweeter timelines full of abundance and community. In the 3D we talked about 7 chakra system and how the activation and clearing of these chakras would connect us to our true Self. Well, in the 5D we have 12 chakras to clear and activate. These chakras connect us to pure Source and our star family, the Sirians, The Elohims, the Leumerians, and Lyrions. They connect us to our Higher Self and the Galactic Council. In this Lions Gate Activation Portal, we will find our direct connection to Source and our Star Family. We will receive massages through our dreams of what planet systems we are connected too and the Angels that may be guiding us on our journey.

What are the intentions you would like to set for this next cycle? Think wisely for the next 12 years of your life will be affected by this decision. What would you like to release and see never return? Just remember this will also affect the next 12 years, so make sure you really want to get rid of it before its too late.

There is an immense activation of the Heart Center, our Anahata Chakra. Through connecting to our heart center, we receive the light codes and keys to the inner makings of our own individual universes. The heart is our connection to the Onesness, the Sonship. All decisions and choices will be made from the heart in the NEW EARTH. Instead of using our rational, logical minds, our choices will be made with the deep inherent wisdom of the heart. Our ticket to enlightenment is through the path of forgiveness and compassion.

Don’t know what to release? Just state to the Holy Spirit that you would like to remove anything that is no longer serving your highest purpose. You can release experiences, behaviors, people, patterns, beleifs… you get the point.

If you don’t know what to ask for or how, just state to the Holy Spirit that you welcome the path of least resistance and accept His gift of abundance. Ask the Holy Spirit to align you with His will. Ask Spirit to anchor you in this Truth. Spirit will show you the best path for you at this time.

Our journey is to honor His path and walk in the Light of the Holy Spirit.

Beloved J

Every step you take in the opposite direction is a step further away from your true nature.

Beloved J

You co-created this life with God, to not walk His path is to deny your truth.

Beloved J

When you go against what you know is your truth, you are defying yourself.

Beloved J

This is how I see it… if you are not walking the path of the Holy Spirit, which is the ONLY PATH, you are living a complete lie. You are lying to yourself and you don’t even know it. You are thinking you know better than God, but the joke is on you because you co-created the path of your dreams with the Holy Spirit before you came here. So when you deny the path of the Holy Spirit, you are denying your own authentic dreams and true hearts desires… Your dream of all dreams. No one knows you better than God, but you keep on the run around trying out different versions of the dreams you desire because we have free will… yet you are constantly unsatisfied and then complain and bitch about how there is no God or that God doesn’t love you or forgot about you because otherwise you wouldn’t be suffering. You are suffering because you are trying to do it all on your own instead of with Spirit. You see, it’s a catch 22. In the end, whether this life or the next, you will choose the Holy Spirit.

I don’t know about you but I want to go home, that is not here on Earth. It is in Heaven with my Father the Creator, and my Brothers & Sisters of Light. There is a new way, A NEW EARTH is coming that is built on LOVE. The frequency and currency will be LOVE. This may be hard for you to understand right now, you may ask yourself, How is that possible? Anything is possible with the Holy Spirit by your side. Put your trust in Him and you will never go hungrey or suffer again.

The veils are being lifted. The masks are coming off. There are only two paths now… The path of fear and ego, or the path of LOVE and God.


I will leave you with a quote from the book I am currently reading, that I happened to read after I wrote in my journal this morning which is where this blog originated from…

Denial of Self results in illusions, while correction of the error brings release from it. Do not deceive yourself into believing that you can relate in peace to God or to your brothers with anything external.

A Course In Miracles: Chapter 1, Page 15, Paragraph 1, Line 6-7

Check out my latest reading on my YouTube channel for more guidance on how to handle the intense energies of this portal and to find out more about what to expect from this shift into the NEW EARTH …

Beloved J

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