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Last nights dinner was inspired by a fellow Yogi who also is living the plant based lifestyle. 

@Yogiflows Vegan Bowl Inspiration
One thing I love about fall is the fruits and veggies that come with the harvest. One look at @yogiflows/IG post from Wednesday about her fall inspired vegan bowl and I was SOLD! It looked so yummy and nutritious and is perfect for the fall season. I just HAD to make it! Thanks sista for sharing such yummy treats with us 🙏🏼  I had all the ingredients except for the brussel sprouts. Which I went and purchased at Whole Foods the next day. I never thought to put turmeric in rice before but I thought it was a stellar idea and with its anti-inflammatory properties it gives its added benefits too. I used the rice cooker for this one so I could put all my attention into the curry which can easily get messed up. First, I added my rice, about a cup. Then I sprinkled it with turmeric until it was more or less the color I wanted, bright orange. Added a teaspoon of fresh minced garlic (2cloves) and some pink salt. I shook it around and added water. Closed the lid and let it cook. Sorry, I don’t cook with measurements. I pour the water in and check with my finger like I was taught by my mother. If the water goes above the first crease of your pointer finger, you’ve got too much. Pour some out, and check again. Once rice is done cooking, I opened the lid and added a handful of fresh organic kale, mixed it around and closed the lid until ready to serve.

I DO!✋🏼😁👈🏼

I  made a coconut milk based yellow curry tofu with potatoes, carrots, onions  and chickpeas, because this is the only way I know how to make curry lol! Maybe @yogiflow can share her curry recipe with me someday😘 
Two staple ingredients I use in my curry dishes are: So delicious culinary coconut milk and Sharwood’s mild curry powder. Both can be found at your local market in the “ethnic” section.
I start with evoo and carrots cut into coins. It depends on how much you’re making. I only used one large carrot for this small pot. I add my curry seasonings and salt, then I add my cubed potatoes. I used half of a large one, again, it depends on how much you make. Then I added my wedged onions. I like to keep them kinda thick so they don’t turn to slime. I keep adding oil and seasonings as I feel needed, it’s all based on my intuition really. Then I add a dry bay leaf from my backyard, half a can of organic garbanzo beans, and my cubed tofu. I mix it up to coat everything evenly with the seasonings and add any extra seasonings now, before I add the coconut milk. Once I add the whole container of coconut milk, I mix it up and do a taste. If it needs anything else I add now. Put the top on and let it simmer on low heat for at least 20-30 mins or until potatoes are cooked. 

Next, I cut the ends off my brussel sprouts,  rinse them and pat them dry so they don’t make the oil crackle and pop. I lightly sautéed the brussel sprouts in evoo (extra virgin olive oil) and pink salt. Cooked them on med high for about 10-15 mins. Or until lightly browned. Those little petals that break off while cooking never make it to the plate because I eat them straight from the pan. They get nice and crispy and DELICOUS like a sprout chip. 

A fall favorite for me is the pomegranate. This succulent fruit is just the right combination between sweet and tart, and pairs well with savory and sweet dishes. And let’s just be real, she’s astonishing to look at…

It may be a tedious job getting the seeds out, but oh so worth the struggle. I like working for my food, it makes it taste much better that way. Plus, I wanted to add more color and a little crunch to my version of this delicious bowl. So, I sprinkled some on top once I put all my other ingredients in the bowl. All the elements together created a burst of magic in my mouth! The pomegranate seeds, were the cherry on the icing👌🏼🍒🍨

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