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“Nothing glows brighter than the heart awakened to the light of love that lives within it.” —Guy Finley

There is something super special about the energy here in Asheville, NC. Everywhere you go, you can feel the high vibrations. Walking through downtown is like walking through a mystical town full of spirit. Each shop we passed by smelled of sage and incense. I feel so comfortable around these mountain people. They are earthy and hippie. Like a breath of fresh air, or not so fresh since we all wear natural deodorant or none at all. I feel at home here, there is a certain peace amongst the trees and forest life. During my practice this morning, I noticed a huge shift in energy. I felt like I was being lifted up instead of beaten down. I felt like the energy was so high vibrating that by the time I got to backbends, instead of dreading them, I was ready to bust them out with all the energy I had. I even did my halfbacks, and walked my hands towards my heels. Normally, by this time, I’m dying, just trying to make it to ending postures. But I was not exhausted, even though I was sweating profusely. I opened the windows and all I could hear were the birds chirping and the wind howling. During Marychiasana C on the left side, I saw a woodpecker outside the window, it’s why I linger there for a little. I love the spirit of nature and how she decides to show herself to me in these moments. It all has meaning. It’s about persistence, and determination. I could’ve easily slept in and skipped out on my practice today. But where would that have put me? Feeling stuck and immobile, physically and mentally. Movement is necessary in order to keep the body and mind fluid.   

My Airbnb had an extra room set up to do Yoga in. I was so happy to see this space available to me as I was wondering where I would practice today. There were some obstacles I came across, but nothing I couldn’t handle. The floor was pretty uneven. If you look closely in my downward dogs, you can see the right side is slightly lower than the left side. I was forced to make some adjustments. Having to engage in certain areas of the body in order to compensate for the lack there of in other parts. It forced me to become more aware of my body and it’s surroundings. When I got to Garbha Pindasana, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it all the way around to Kukutasana because of the lean in the floor. So, I had to be really aware of every single aspect of my body and it’s movement. It went a lot smoother than I expected. Sometimes on our mat we are faced with specific obstacles, just like we are faced with obstacles in life. I have learned how to work around these obstacles in my life because I have had to adjust and learn how to work through obstacles on my mat. I am grateful for days like these, because I feel like I learn a lot more from being thrown out of my comfort zone. 

Tomorrow, I start Mysore practice with David Keil for the next week, and I know I will be thrown out of my comfort zone some more. This will be a week of growth for me and I am so grateful for every second of my journey. Through the highs and the lows, I will always enjoy the ride. 

Darkness is just the absence of light. Shine your light so bright so that the darkness of the world does not penetrate you.

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