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We are not endowed with real life, and all that seems most real about us is but the thinnest substance of a dream — till the heart be touched. That touch creates us. -Nathaniel Hawthorne 

Let’s talk about my trip to Asheville, NC. Practicing Mysore Yoga with David Keil, level 2 authorized Ashtanga teacher. I heard so many good things about him from my fellow Ashtangi, Pricilla Payne who I practice with in Orlando, at Mysore Room Orlando. I just had to come and check him out for myself. We started with the Matrix of Yoga Workshop on Sunday, were we spoke about the major components of Ashtanga Yoga and the main question he asked was, “Why do you practice?” The answer will vary from person to person. So, naturally, I asked myself… Why do I practice? I personally started Yoga to help deepen my spiritual understanding. Through the practice of Yoga, I have discarded layers upon layers of disbelief. Disbelief in myself, and disbelief in the external world that surrounds us. For me, Yoga became a tool that I was able to use to help find the real meaning of my existence. Why do I personally continue to practice consistently, because it really does work. I put in the work, and I receive miraculous rewards. Not trophies for me to hang on my wall… But treasures of inner peace and compassion for myself and the world at large. My merits are not those you can touch and see with your eyes. They are the blocks I’ve plowed through, and the connections I’ve made with aspects of myself that laid dormant and hidden beneath the surface.  

David Keil is soft spoken and great at adjustments. He just naturally seemed to know exactly where to go and what to do. Not forceful, he used just the right amount of pressure and support. I am into the second series now, and he took me even further, adding on 5 more postures! As much as this seems like a blessing, it’s also a curse. Second series clears out the nervous system, removing blockages from the body. Stirring up emotions and bellies. On day two of my new postures, I was lucky to have received my lady friend for the month. Didn’t mean I didn’t practice though! I still went and busted out my usual routine and my newly added postures. For lunch, I wanted something fried, which I DO NOT EVER DO! One fried fritter, a cup of soup and half a salad later… My body was like WTF?! It didn’t last 30 minutes in my belly. There I was, one in the afternoon throwing up outside the rental right next to the sidewalk were everyone was passing by😷 Everyone probably thought I was noon wasted but little did they know. My luck didn’t end there. I was able to hold some dinner down. Made it to practice the next day, got breakfast and lunch down, but dinner was another story. We were suppose to go to a pot luck with David and the rest of the gang, but something sent us somewhere else and led me back to the side streets of Asheville were I found myself in a similar predicament as the day before. This time, to no avail. My last day of practice was met in my bed and later by the nearest care clinic. At this point, I knew exactly what was happening. I had come across some Shamanic cards 

Grief is sometimes the only gateway to higher levels of consciousness, and it is a hard taskmaster. But if you can look at grief as a teacher, you will grow. -Lynn V. Andrews
in one of the bookstores in downtown, Asheville and when I asked why I got sick? I realized, I was in ceremony with the ones I shared space with this week. I have very powerful shamanic ancestors that told me the strongest Shaman of the group always purges for the group. I’d like to say the purging ended there, but it continued for 7 more days. Everything I was releasing was ancestral. I can’t even begin to explain the downloads I was receiving without sounding “crazy.” When I made it back to Orlando, I had to go straight to the docs office. It’s always the same story, they can’t EVER find a diagnosis. It’s because it goes way beyond what the doctors can even explain. And the only way you know, is if you’ve been there. Needless to say, I’m back to normal. Feeling grand! Able to eat. And happy to be alive! 

The Botanical Gardens at Asheville

When you are riding the fine line between life and death a lot can happen to you. Perspectives change. Realizations are made. Not many come out alive to tell the tales. The Spiritual Warrior on the other hand likes to say, “This is my life now!” As Pricilla branded it. This is the life of a healer, clearing out the body of all its impurities. Not just physical ailments, mental, emotional, energetic and ancestral ones as well. If I’m not crying, or throwing up along the way, then it’s not working or I’m not putting in the work. The path towards healing is not a luxurious one. Blood, sweat, tears and vomit… Yup, that’s the path. If you are not willing to go through the ups and downs, you will never experience the beauty of this practice. Everyday, there is a new light of realization. Each day, you get to work a little harder towards self healing. Slowly, you begin to emerge from the chrysalis. But the struggle, is what makes you strong enough to bust it open and fly away. You get to be your own physician, your own inner shaman. Through this practice I have come across countless moments of being knocked down and beaten down… Just to get myself back up. This practice brings tears and emotions to the surface to be faced and let go of. It will push you out of your comfort zone and make you work hard for that peace of mind we all wish to experience. Through all the pain, anger, and rage you will find compassion. Through the sorrow, grief and sadness you will find peace. This practice is not easy. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not just for fun or so I can be “in shape”… I could care less about the shape of my body. What matters to me, is my soul, my spirit. It’s the only thing I can take with me in the end. Oh how grateful I am for such a resilient soul! This practice led me to want to deepen my understanding of the shamanic journey. I want to connect with my roots, my origin. Taking this journey deep into the unknown. Starting Januray, I will be taking the Basic Workshop, The Way of the Shaman® Sahamnic Journeying, Power and Healing as founded by Micheal Harner. I will see you on the other side. Aho!

Shamanic Enlightenment is the literal ability to lighten the darkness, to see in that darkness what others cannot perceive. Michael Harner

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