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If there is a war in the world, there is a war within each of us. 

Wherever there is light, a shadow follows. Be not afraid of these dark places, dive deep into them. For they will lead you towards enlightenment. 

After getting sick, I naturally was a little intimidated by second series. It takes a lot of strength and will power to get through this series. It also takes an open heart and a relaxed mind. One thing I struggle with is nerves. I am still super shaky during my practice. Something about all those backbends that just makes my heart so vulnerable. I have to constantly remind myself to soften my heart and relax. Laghu Vajrasana has been kicking my butt lately… You can see in the video I don’t make it up the first try and I only hold for one breath the second try. This posture takes so much strength and focus, I felt like I was doing it for the first time again. Sometimes it’s necessary to start over in life. Relearn things and start from scratch. Drawing out a new plan of action and trying a new method. I’m going to take it easy into the second series, there is no rush. But I will also not shy away from the uglier aspects of it. I will listen to my heart on this one. Allowing the wisdom to come from within. In this journey, there is no destination, it’s about living in the present moment. One step at a time. I like sharing my experiences in life and in my practice so that others who can relate know they are not alone… And for those who are looking for a new method can learn and grow with me too. Namaste🙏🏼

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