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It’s better to be rich at heart than rich in pocket. 

The journey into the heart is not an easy one. I still remeber the first time I saw the “inside” of my heart like it was yesterday. I was in yoga teacher training and we were deep in savasana. I remeber hearing the teacher say, “look inside your heart… See the beautiful rose that blossoms in the center of your heart…” Or some shit like that lol and I remeber looking into my heart and seeing nothing but darkness. Then I looked deeper and saw a black heart adorned with thorns and scars, man was that scary. So, I step inside my heart and see a sad little girl in a dirty white dress sitting on a wooden pink chair with cobwebs above her head. Not quite the rose I was expecting to see. This visual caused me much grief, but through grief, we grow. That was 4 years ago. Now, when I look into my heart I see pink and gold light so bright it is blinding. I have been released from the shackles of my inner demons. One by one, I let them go. Watching them fall away to the wayside. They no longer have control over me. I am at peace. I control my self, I control my thoughts, I control my feelings. No more whispers of failures in my ears will detour me from my chosen path.

I am exactly where I need to be. I am exactly who I need to be. I am complete. The masks have fallen and I have revealed my truest self. No more hiding, no more lying to myself or others. I am me. What you see, is what you get. No hidden facets will emerge after years of knowing me. I am the same person today as I was when I was a child. I am just now fully blossomed and ready to take on the  responsibility called life. Some may look at my circumstances and think I lack direction and discipline. I own nothing but myself and the clothes on my back. I have no property, no companies, no houses, just my car that was given to me. I am BEYOND grateful to have parents who take care of me. Some may think I’m “spoiled” because of this, but I say I’m blessed! I have had the opportunity to work on my soul. On liberating it and connecting with it, which is the realist thing there is on this planet. The connection we have with our inner self cannot be bought. Money and things will come and go and can be gone in a second. When you connect with your inner self, that power can never be taken away from you. My yoga practice has helped me find myself, giving me the gifts of peace, love, compassion and joy. No, I cannot eat or wear these gifts, but they feed my soul. The means will come, they always do. It’s about believing that YOU are cabaple and knowing that you are being taken care of by the Divine Creator 🙏🏼✨❤️

Affirmation: I lack nothing, I have everything that I need.

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