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I am my own alchemist, transmitting negative energy into positive energy.




Here’s the reality of it…

You will not be 100% on point everyday. Social media can be somewhat of a stream of false advertisement. Posting our most perfect pictures and video clips. Very rarely do you see the effort behind it or the many epic fails it took to get that one shot or that one pose. It takes a certain type of yogi to share these more vulnerable, “not-so-perfect” posts with the world. There was a part of me (ego) that didn’t want to post this video because I wasn’t able to execute the posture to my fullest potential, but I also like sharing (spirit) the struggle with you. I am not the type of person that wants you to think my life is perfect and that I have it all figured out… because I am not and I don’t. What I intend to do is share my journey, so that you can see that even through difficulties we can arise. “It is not circumstances that matter, it is way of being that matters” as Bashar says.

Today, was one of those rough days for me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am working through my own patterns and ways of being that no longer serve my highest purpose. The tool for me is Yoga, I use it to help workout the kinks in my psyche. With a healthy body and a clear mind all mental and physical diseases can be overcome. I overcame my fear of not being able to finish my full practice this morning… naturally that sends a HUGH message of accomplishment to the psyche. There were many moments throughout my practice were I felt like giving up. Uncontrollably crying, I kept pushing through. At other times I thought my body was going to give up on me, but I found the will to make it all the way to Pincha Mayurasana. Lesson here is, whether it’s 100% or only 60% get on your mat and work it out. Perfection does not exist, so get over it. Maybe one day, we will be praising yogis for their epic fails instead of their perfect postures. Lol. Until then, stay humble my friends. 🙏🏼

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