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Not only is the Sun in Leo, but we are also having a New Moon in Leo. New moons are all about setting intentions and manifesting new beginnings. The Lions Gate Portal is today, it is a portal of energy that is created annually on the 8th day of August which is the 8th month… Continue reading 888 LIONS GATE PORTAL 888

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🍃🌸✨GOD🔅DESS ✨🌸🍃

What is a modern day God/dess? In my opinion, it is a wo/man who not only sees, but also honors all aspects of the Self as natural and therefore perfect and sacred. A God/dess is someone who acknowledges the darkness as well as the light with in them and loves both parts equally. A God/dess… Continue reading 🍃🌸✨GOD🔅DESS ✨🌸🍃

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Trust in Divine time and just relax into the flow.

The soul which ebbs and flows with the tides, is like a piece of sea weed on the shore waiting for the water to rise. Waiting patiently for Spirit to tell us when to leap. Steady flowing like a calm and clear river. Never underestimate the intelligence of a calm body of water. It knows… Continue reading Trust in Divine time and just relax into the flow.

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Giving myself space to create and be free. 

I haven't picked up the guitar in way too long, and moments like these remind me why I need to make it a daily thing. I just started strumming, and the lyrics started flowing.  Allowing myself the freedom to know, I am still learning. I am not perfect. I am only perfectly me, being free.… Continue reading Giving myself space to create and be free.